A few days ago I measured my belly.

“My waist is 34” now” I yelled to Adam, one room over.

Within seconds he had leapt up and run to our bedroom. Emerging with a pair of his pants he excitedly exclaimed, “MY waist is 34”! Put these on!”

Guys, my wardrobe just doubled.

Today is a day of great achievement! Rejoice! I got my recent bloodwork results back and my Potassium is at 3.3! I know that this number probably doesn’t mean much to you, but the normal range is 3.5-5.5, and I’m usually in the mid 2’s. This is the closest I’ve been to “normal” levels without having IV’s, in over a year. Taking 20+ pills a day has finally paid off, I am one happy lady right now :)

Big M

As I waddle my way towards my own experience with motherhood, I find myself thinking about and appreciating my own mother even more.

She raised six children (SIX! All from the same dad! And we’re not even Mormon or Irish Catholic!) and has always been an incredible example of grace under pressure.

The guidance, support and advice she has offered me over the past 28 years has never led me astray, and I am even more grateful for it as I stare nervously ahead at the changes our life will be undergoing in the next few months.

She has always loved me unconditionally, accepted Adam into our family with a level of affection that can almost be called disturbing, and has been a doting “Grandmummer” to Gus for the past four years, tolerating all manner of doggy sins from drool covered pant legs, to hair covering every inch of her 400 sq foot home.

Here’s to the woman who gave us all terrible bowl cuts, the woman who happily endures all manner of mocking from her progeny (including being nicknamed Big Mama and The Situation), the woman who leaped out of her chair and did a victory dance when she found out I was pregnant, the woman who posed me like this for a baby picture.

Happy Birthday Mom.