In many of your posts you talk about using coconut oil. I would like to try but wanted to know the difference between refined and unrefined? Does it matter which kind you use? Is there a brand that is your favorite?

Coconut oil is the darling of the natural food movement at the moment, which means you should probably expect a backlash any day now.

But in the meantime, the brand I use is Nutiva and it looks like this:

I’ve tried two or three different types and this is the one I keep coming back to because it has a great texture and a light coconutty smell.

The difference between the two is that refined coconut oil is fairly tasteless and odourless and has a higher smoke point, which makes it the preferred choice for some when using it to cook.

I use unrefined because I like the beachy smell, and want something less processed. It’s pretty amazing and I use it for making popcorn, diaper cream, moisturizer, eye makeup remover etc etc etc. 

Hope that answered your question!

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How many kids will you have and what will their names be if Adam names them?

Oh my gosh I wasn’t even going to answer this and I hope to god Adam doesn’t see it as I am counting on him forgetting that we ever made that deal.

I want 3-4 kids, depending on how crazy that will make me and how financially possible that is. Adam will name them The Steve, Bruce, He-Man etc.

Horrific, horrible names. Please pray.