Conversations with Adam

Me: I was thinking of handing out raisins for Halloween this year.

Adam: Madeleine.

Me: I KNOW. I know.

Adam: Madeleine. No. We can not be the raisin people.

Me: I KNOW but what’s the alternative? A million plastic-wrapped chocolate bars? Here kids, have some GMO-Diabeetus-Landfill- treats!

Adam: It’s our first Halloween in this house. We are not going to be the raisin people.

Me: Ok, Pencils? Oranges? What are our other options?

Adam: I don’t care. But I’m putting my foot down. We are not raisin people, dammit!

10 thoughts on “Conversations with Adam

  1. Yeah, new neighborhood, definitely don’t want to be forever known as those weirdos who just moved in and handed out raisins on Halloween…touchy time with those new neighbors ;)

  2. the sad fact is that if you want to give out food, it needs to be air-tight/water-tight (wrapped in plastic), and boxes of raisins are not. so you’d be giving out something their parents would just throw away anyhow (you know, in case they’ve been poisoned). unless parents are not scared of that in canada. in the US, you do not accept any candy that could possibly have been tampered with. parents go through the kids’ candy and throw away stuff that’s not “safe”.

  3. Baby Gourmet is one of my husband’s clients so we’ll be handing out pouches of Squabbleberry Squoosh. Organic, gluten and nut free, and safety sealed. Fingers crossed we have a lot of trick-or-treating toddlers.

  4. What about the mini playdoughs? Those are fun to get!

    My kiddo loves the orange yogurt covered raisins…orange is his new black!

    • I have out foil wrapped chocolates and rubber erasers shaped like eyeballs, :)
      The whole dilemma was kind of a moot point though, we only got around three trick or treaters!

      • Ah very cute… we have the same situation with trick or treaters… maybe kids just dont go out these days!

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