Hello friends, my name is Madeleine and I am incredibly lazy glamorous.

Ever since I was a sullen child of 8 I’ve adored writing in all its incarnations – dramatic, exclamation filled  diary entries, pseudo-journalistic endeavors for small town weeklies and the disfigured, bastard child of the above- blogging.

I have a BA Sociology, with a concentration in Criminology, Deviance and Social Control.

I am addicted to commas and soft cheeses. My mind works faster than my hands, I often skip whole  words and sometimes entire sentences. I don’t always catch this before hitting publish. Mea culpa.

I  have a rare chronic kidney condition called Gitelman Syndrome and am currently campaigning to become its spokeslady. You can read more about the condition here.

In 2012 I had my daughter, a sweet, funny little girl named Olive. I wanted a hippie home birth but my sneaky placenta had other plans, and she was born via c-section on October 5, 2012. All ofmy posts about my pregnancy, and my c-section are found here. I will be blogging about some of my experiences as a mother, so if you object to hearing about potty training or sleep cycles you best run now.


I like to ramble about a variety of subjects, and sometimes I do this rambling in book form. My very first book was published April 2014, and I am so proud of it. It’s a funny little book of Eco-friendly recipes and tips, you can buy it here, or even better, ask them to order in a few copies at your local bookstore, and I would truly appreciate it.

Please feel free to email me with questions or comments, or to offer unsolicited advice on how to run my life.


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Madeleine,

    What did you do with your degree in Sociology? I did my BA in Sociology and I am currently working on my Master’s but I am having a hard time finding a job in the field. Most non-profits are looking for degrees in human services, and although I work for a college now, I am having a difficult time breaking out into the teaching world. So, I am curious with your outcome because I have not found many people who have similar degrees.



    • Hi Amanda! After university I got a job at a youth drop-in centre, working with at risk teens. I did that for five years, now after coming back after maternity leave I have a position in community outreach and development. Sociology is fantastic because it can be generalized to suit almost any field, but it can be overwhelming, too, because it’s not like you graduate with a teaching degree and know exactly when you’ll be doing.

      If you are interested in social services it can be a great place to start because typically they are understaffed and you can use your Soci. degree to get in the door and then specialize your training from there.

      I hope that helped! Madeleine


      • Wow, that does help quite a bit! Thank you so much! I have done my BA and MA online because I have a 6 year old boy myself, so I do not get the same kind of teacher interaction as a traditional student would. I will certianly look into those avenues, and I love your blog.


  2. Im not completely sure on whether you read your comments on often—or if your life has become such a whirl wind of ‘Mama hood’ that this comment will get lost on the sea of blogging—BUT–I HAD to write something. I stumbled upon your blog on an online Mama group that i’m part of—It’s actually become most of my entertainment this past year of maternity leave—because mums be crazayyy!!!

    Anyways. I saw the link to your ‘infant sleep’ entry–read it….and my mouth just kept opening wider and wider…because well….I felt like I was reading my very own thoughts and conclusions. —You are inspirational and just such a breath of fresh air…for not only me i’m sure…

    Our daughter was born pretty much EXACTLY a month after sweet Olive. Her name is Saege. (Nov.7 is her birthday) SHE TOO was also a c-section birth because of a full placenta previa…which I had known about a month prior to her arrival…blah blah blah.

    There are a ton more of these serendipitous similarities…..with our fams! so other than the fact that your blog is BANG ON….the similarities are going to keep me coming back, following your gem of a family…and reading on!

    Thank you :)


      • Thank you SO much, we love her name too (obviously!!) ha. –It is pronounced ‘Sage’—but we felt as though spelling it S-a-g-e seemed masculine…and also a bit too plain…and for a baby with 2 moms. nothing will ever be plain…

        You’re very welcome—I absolutely adore this blog.


  3. Loving ur blog ! I nurse my baby girl to sleep and now i don’t feel so bad about enjoying it :-) xxx

  4. Just discovered your blog and loving it! My little Tessa was born on 15 October 2012, so close to your Olive. She is desperately funny and sweet and enchanting. And your post about infant sleep was sent to me at such a good time for my husband and me, so thanks!

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  6. Hey Madeleine,
    So I came across your blog basically out of doing some research on Gitelman’s Syndrome, which I also have. I was told by my doctors that it is extremely rare and it affects 1 in 40,000 people in the world. So i am sure we share similar “annoyances” (…to put it kindly) with this syndrome. I have never herd of any one else who has this and am intrigued on how you deal with it, i know i am frusterated with having to take stupid potassium and all the other stuff as you stated in your blog you wished you had a body that just worked normally, i often think the same thing and feel guilty that my body doesnt work right or the medical bills are too high from doctors appointments and yes i often think way too much in my own head it sucks. Oh my name is Hanna and I am 24 and still in college. I am glad to just know i am not alone.

  7. Hi Hanna! I am so sorry you have Gitelmans, but so glad that you found me! I would love to commiserate about our stupid kidneys, and share some tips I’ve found along the way that make living with it easier. Feel free to email me at MadeleineSix(at)gmail(dot)com
    (Typed out that funny way to foil spammers :)

  8. Hi Madelaine!
    I stumbled over your blog because of a friend’s facebook post of your thoughts about infant sleep: so good to read your blog entry because I feel/felt and experience(d) a lot of the same – especially people judging, and that is not only my daughter Elinor’s sleep pattern (And she is still not sleeping through the night? You really do nurse her to sleep? Let her cry a bit, you are spoiling her when you always console her…).
    I also “discovered” your blog as a whole and am thoroughly enjoying it. You even got me thinking about some navy blue on one of the walls in our new house.
    Alles Liebe from Germany

  9. Hi Madeleine! I like that you startled yourself when your blog got popular and were unashamedly delighted by this (I stumbled across your sleep post first). I like how your writing is real and honest and funny. I like your eco friendly stuff and I like that your first baby girl shares a birthday with my first baby girl. I shall have fun following your blog!

  10. Found you via your sleep post and have actually stalk/read your blog since I found you whilst researching (googling) “why will my kid not sleep + breastfeeding” I think you’re super funny, love your self deprecating nature, and your large family:) Finally felt comfortable leaving a message AND following you in my email (big for me:) I have a 16 mo old and love having a mommy/lifestyle blog to keep it real…

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