Eco-Friendly Living

P.S. I’m a hippie.

Ha! Whoops! I thought you knew! I mean, I can see how this comes as a surprise. There are no dreadlocks to be had around these parts. No tie dye or incense, no subtle wafts of patchouli. I did, at one time, own a pair of Birkenstocks but they got stolen (I KNOW. Who steals BIRKENSTOCKS? They are molded to my specific weird footshape! Ugh. Seriously.)


I am an undercover hippie, because despite my unassuming nondescript exterior I harbour deep recesses of of tree-hugging sentiments and Mother-Nature-Loving ways.

Here is my secret hippie cave filled with all of my secret hippie rants and recipes. It will get updated regularly, please feel free to write me at info[at]sweetmadeleine[dot]ca if you have questions.


*Prayer hands*

Magic Tea for Cold & Flu

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Homemade Shampoo & Conditioner

Cloth Diapering

Hey crazy ladies! Save money and plastic by not buying pregnancy tests from the drugstore!

How to recycle cosmetics containers (and pretty much everything else, too)

Coconut Oil Hair Repair Masque

And of course I rambled at length about these hippie shenanigans in a little book I wrote, called All You Need Is Less. It will be published in April 2014, but if you are a weirdo who likes delayed gratification, you can pre-order a copy here and that would be very helpful. Publishers love pre-orders like I love goat cheese (too much. toooo much.)

7 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Living

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  3. I love this post. I have read it a few times, much to my surprise.

    Your video on why keep living eco resonated powerfully for me. The eternal question: Does what I do make a difference? In the 70s, I recycled plastic bags (washed them, dried them) and some people thought I was fringie–and now recycling is the norm. A better future will belong to societies that adopt these ways so perhaps what we are doing is keeping the flame alive. At the same time I would love love love to see cold hard numbers on the actual amount of damage we prevent. It would not be so hard to crunch those numbers if one was so inclined ( -: … numbers are not my strong point though.

    Thank you, Madeline, for so many great laughs reading your blog. I have already shared it with two young, hip Mom friends.

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