My marriage summed up in 18 lines

Adam: Sooo… I did the laundry.
Me: Yeah, I noticed!
Adam: Oh, okay I just wasn’t sure if you did or not.
Me: Sure did.
Adam: …Because you always say that I never do laundry so I just wanted to make sure you noticed that I did.
Me: Right. Is that why you left it all folded on the bed instead if putting it away? So that I’d see it?
Adam: Yeah….pretty good folding though, hey?
Me: Yeah!
Me: Are you like, wanting me to thank you or something?
Adam: Well…the laundry…
Me: You know that I do this every day, right? Like 2 loads a day. Every. Day.
Adam: Right, but this time I did it.
Me: ….
Adam: Without being asked!
Me: (prolonged sigh) Okay. Thank you, Adam, for doing the laundry.
Adam: (fist pump) Yesssss!

I bought some secondhand onesies the other day, plain white.

When I picked them up I took them home and soaked them in a white vinegar solution to whiten and sanitize them, then stuck them in the wash and hung them to dry.

I finished pinning the last one (along with some of the secondhand cloth diapers I bought) and stood back to take it all in.

Stretching in front of me, this long line of tangible proof. Five months to go, five months until these ghostly forms are filled with chubby legs, round bellies, grasping, waving arms.

I can’t wait. (I can wait). I can’t wait.